THE TEMPEST  June 3 -10/14

Enjoy this wonderful opportunity to study in-depth one of Shakespeare's greatest plays, plus some of his magical sonnets in the beautiful environment of the Villa Sant' Annina in the sunny, southern Italian province of Puglia.

Great company, great conversations, great ambience, expert tuition. 

There is a 7 night option studying the play alone or an 11 night option which includes a further period of study of the sonnets

Philip Marvin, who has taken Shakespeare groups for over 20 years, will guide you on a journey into the very depths of the play/sonnets and layers of meaning that are normally not considered will be unravelled. Each play places a mirror up to Nature and in that pure reflection we can discover fresh and often surprising insights into ourselves and our lives in the spontaneous power of the poetry and it's rhythms that are so uniquely Shakespeare's own.

Whatever your past familiarity with Shakespeare or lack of it, this week will offer an original, dynamic approach and rich food for the soul. This is a journey into self-knowledge. 

"My charms I'll break; their senses I'll restore;

And they shall be themselves."

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